And Then, We Laughed

a Memoir of Hope & Healing

Book cover and photo enhancement by Nathan Shay

Book cover and photo enhancement by Nathan Shay

Delaine Shay, long time resident of Sioux Falls, recently published a memoir that is a compelling story of loss, perseverance, inspiration, laughter, and healing. 

Who, if anyone, could protect me? Why would a loving God do all of this? As a child, some tragic deaths happened in our family; one of them being when my dad accidently backed over my brother. As an adult, there were more losses and I made some wrong choices when trying to deal with them. The harder I tried to come up with solutions, the more frustrating my life became. I went to church religiously every Sunday, hoping one day I would figure out what I was missing. Despite my spiritual feeling of emptiness, God was there when I needed Him most. Finally, I came to understand God was reaching out to me to try to help me through those tough situations. When I awoke the morning of October 4, the day after my realization that I was addicted to alcohol, I had a clear sensation of being cradled like a baby in the arms of my Heavenly Father.

Gathering Pieces is what I had to do for this book and it enabled me to eventually “walk in peace and not in pieces,” And Then, We Laughed!

Delaine Shay, Author of And Then, We Laughed Picture of Mom & Dad Wedding.png

In memory of my parents

Jerry and DeVonna Weets

They taught and nurtured my faith in Jesus. The coping skills they developed going through hardships would play a vital role in how they lived out their married life. With all the pressure they were under, they also laughed. They laughed with their daughters, as well as friends and family as they gathered around our kitchen table.

When my parents celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary, the church party room was packed, Mom and Dad beamed and laughed as friends and relatives shared comical stories. Mom and Dad held hands. Mom even winked at Dad and said, ‘I got you Babe,” referencing an old Sonny and Cher song. Dad winked back. I’m glad I saw it.

My parents made it through a lot of tragedies that would have split up many marriages. They did the best they could with some love, discipline, caring and humor.